Birkenstock Chef Shoes


A chef in his kitchen is facing many risks in his everyday work life, some of these can be dangerous, but can be easily avoided by having the right shoes, that can prevent chronic fatigue, feet hurt, or even worse, slips that can result in important injuries. Birkenstock is well-known for its solid construction in the footwear industry, having more than 200  years of experience ( started in 1774 in Germany), has released a variety or professional shoes, mainly for the kitchen environment, by introducing the Birkenstock Super Birki, some of the main features that a Chef should be interested by, are the Highly effective flexibility that Birkenstock Birkis offer, and the slip resistance ability of these Birkis, these two features allows the Chef to make fast movements in a safer fashion, as the flexible material fits perfectly the feet, and without having to worry about slippery dangers in the kitchen or restaurant greasy floors. The Birkenstock Super Birki are also used as nursing shoes by Medical professionals, and by factory technicians, or any others who spend a lot of time on foot in wet or messy environments.

Flexibility, Comfort and Security

Super Birki flexible animationFlexibility is one of the major great features of the Birkenstock Chef Shoes, while it molds to your feet, it allows you to make fast moves and turn arounds, and prevent your ankles from being hurt,
in addition to an extra space and wiggle room in the front to prevent numbed toes and pain.

Birkis is a contoured cork

To avoid the long day fatigue,  and for a long-term comfort, the footbed’s inside of these Birkis is a contoured cork, and made of microfiber-coated polyurethane, that provides arch support for stability and shock absorption, and resists scuffing, also it enables an even distribution of the body weight over the whole foot.




Easy to Clean and Dishwasher Safe

Durable, Easy to clean, and completely waterproof, Birkenstock Birkis are “Dishwasher safe”, meaning you can run them through a dishwasher, even at 180 degrees.

The footbeds and insoles are removable and replaceable ( as shown in the photo above)

Anti-Grips and Anti Slippery

Durable and long lasting, the soles are certified slip resistant, having curvy weaves pattern for better traction.Anti-Grips and Anti Slippery

Birkenstock Super Birki Colors

These Birkis are available in 4 Colors

Birkenstock SUPER BIRKI blackSuper Birki Black Buy on Zappos
Birkenstock SUPER BIRKI Super Birki Blue Buy on Zappos
Birkenstock SUPER BIRKI brownProfi Birki Brown Buy on Amazon



When it comes to Chef shoes, the Birkenstock Super Birki do exactly what they are supposed to do, combining comfort, durability and security, weather you are a line cook, a chef or you work anywhere in the food industry, or if you are medical professional, these are a great investment for your longest work days, you may consider getting these from a trusted website like HappyFeet, they offer free shipping, Click Here to go on their website.

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