Birkenstock : Tradition Reloaded

Tradition and innovation: this is probably what allows Birkenstock to cross the decades. Since its creation in 1774, the brand has constantly adapted to changes and constraints of its market. The digital mutation in which it undertook several years ago have enabled it to establish its authority strategy and to initiate a re-positioning of the brand.


German Sandals That Have Become IT-Shoes

Birkenstocks are no longer reserved for German tourists. This summer, fashion journalists and bloggers have set comfort as priority with their double-strap Arizona sandals.The famous sandals couldn’t be ignored today. They raided blogs, magazines and dressing rooms. Perceived as a comfortable because of the great experience that Birkenstock has acquired in shoemaking, their iconic sandals are also perceived unattractive by others. One thing is sure, Birkentsock was able to make its famous Arizona an accessory that fashion addict dream of getting a pair.

“Do you have Birks?” Forget flip flops and spartan sandals. This summer, barefoot in fashion is the Birkenstock. But beware, not any Birks : the double strap model, namely Arizona. Not to confuse with the Gizeh model which its strap that goes between the toes.  These leather shoes made their comeback, with or without German tourists Socks .

Never Konrad Birkenstock, the German shoemaker who marketed the first flexible arch support in 1897, could have imagined (I think), that he would collaborate with one of the prestigious london designer for one of his collections.

The Birkenstock invades blogsblog-birkenstock

Bloggers are (necessarily) the first to observe the phenomenon. “Coarse lines, austere, thick sole and
earthy colors, the Birkenstock is just the opposite of finesse. The summer 2013 had marked

the return of this pair of sandals that was believed by some dead and buried. While some are pulling their hair, others called it genius.

Street style figures have approved it.

The Birkenstock is also found on the street style blogs. After years of resistance, one of the figures of streetstyle have finally declared their admiration towards the German double strap sandal. One of the famous journalists in the fashion industry have even forgotten what they were wearing after they have adopted the Birkenstock sandals.

To conclude i would say, no one could understand before he tries a Birk’s pair.